Thursday, June 11, 2009

Floating Flower Necklace Tutorial

You'll need the following supplies and equipment:

2 Sapphire colored AB Czech teardrop crystal beads
2 Light blue AB Czech 4mm crystal beads
2 Light blue 4mm freshwater pearls
1 Flower lampwork bead made by D.D. Hess
2 Sterling crimp beads
18 inches of blue Beadalon beading wire size .015
About 5 inches of sapphire Colour Craft 20-gauge wire
Nylon pliers
Round nosed pliers
Wire cutters
Crimping pliers

1. First, start by making a clasp using the same instructions for my Clover Clasp project and some sapphire colored 20-gauge wire. Nylon pliers are great when working with this type of wire. Once you finish the clasp, set it aside for later.
2. Now use wire cutters to cut about 18 inches of beading wire.
3. Attach a crimp bead to one end of the wire. 4. Once you get one end crimped, use wire cutters to cut off excess beading wire.

5. Now slip on your beads in the following order: teardrop, pearl, 4mm crystal, lampwork bead, 4mm crystal, pearl, teardrop. Make sure that the teardrops have the smaller ends pointing in towards the lampwork bead.

6. Finish the other end of the beading wire with a crimp bead as you did in steps 3 and 4.

7. Now, get the clasp you made previously, and open the eye part of the clasp a little. Slip the loop on one end of the necklace onto the clasp, and close the clasp back up.

8. Thread the loop of the other end of the necklace through the clover/flower of the hook side of the clasp.

9. Once you get it resting in the center loop of the clover/flower, use nylon pliers to flatten or press the clover/flower. This will help to keep your beading wire loop inside the clover/flower.


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